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Worldwide Visionaries are actively creating a more balanced, peaceful and sustainable world by sharing innovative projects and ideas to resolve the interconnected social and environmental challenges of our 21st century.

We are here to educate and inspire each other with creative solutions to global issues we all care deeply about. Visionaries around the world are invited to view and share creative, educational and activist-oriented projects on social and environmental topics, in any format. Whether you’ve started a community program or event, small organization, an educational website, documentary video, petition, educational curriculum, info pamphlet, research paper, art project, even an inspiring song – if you’ve created a project that is making the world a more hopeful place, now is your time to share it with the world.

By sharing our perspectives on topics we are passionate about, we are enlightening each other with the knowledge, support and resources we need to inspire concrete, meaningful change within ourselves and in our local and global communities. By connecting and collaborating with like-minded friends around the globe who share our specific interests, we're helping each others' projects to expand and grow into movements that are steering the course of human existence in new and more hopeful directions.

Why do we care? Its simple. To ensure the world we create is the positive, incredible place we all know we want to live in. We are so happy you are here. Because we can only do this together...

"One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times... "
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes, visionary

2012 Featured Project Fair Submissions

visionary Damoon Yashar

description Three month multi-cohort, pilot obesity prevention study aimed at equiping inner city youth with the tools necessary to combat obesity and create healthy eating and exercising lifestyle habits.

categories Body Image | Children And Youth | Education | Food/Nutrition | Health And Medicine | Overconsumption | Sports / Recreation

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visionary Jen Guyton

description A student art exhibit raising awareness about environmental issues

categories Arts | Conservation | Ecology | Environment | Global Warming | Green Projects | Media | Ocean And Waters | Pollution

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visionary John Trodden

description Assisting homeless Veterans in getting current info on resources and benefits that are available for them. To encourage Veterans to seek assistance and work through the stubbornness of asking for help representing a sign of weakness or failure.

categories Community | Crisis Support | Employment | Housing And Homeless | Hunger | Poverty

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visionary Kristen Nowotarsky

description Brochure and in-class presentation for high school and college students describing easy ways to be more environmentally conscious consumers.

categories Conservation | Ecology | Economy | Environment | Green Projects | Overconsumption | Sustainability

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visionary Grace Kim

description To explore the current food system and the issues such as food security, food production and health status of the population. The project aims to promote individual and community advocacy in regards to food.

categories Community | Environment | Farming/Gardening | Food/Nutrition | Green Projects | Hunger | Permaculture | Population | Sustainability

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